Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬) (ranma9037) wrote,
Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬)

Before I fall too far behind LJ wise,what can I say?

Aside from actually getting loaded work schedules for a change,I just haven't always had anything to post about(good or bad).Not to mention that for the second time in 2 months a trojan hobbled my comp during a weekly virus scan(though this time McAfee actually caught it rather than Malware Bytes even though I now run the latter multiple times a week),and even then IE isn't always running as efficiently as it should.I doubt BT is the culprit since I infrequently use it nowadays...

Anyway,though this 'news' is weeks old,congratulations to Edogawa Minami on becoming the first Japanese contingent to win the Little League World Series in seven years...

This past spring,I accidentally reset my Wikipedia password while trying to log in.While that 'lost password' e-mail isn't deleted but rather buried deep in my Yahoo! mailbox,I'm a little hesitant to re-awaken from my Wiki-editing slumber as the institution of citing reliable sources in an article shouldn't have to be the oxymoron that it's become based on viewing a number of articles even on important subjects.Not to mention that some moron nominated for deletion an article on a major disaster that happen a week ago some 100 miles from here...

I must admit I never watch as much movies as I should,but I'm still trying to figure out how Akira Kurosawa's magnum opus is now in the hands of a big little French studio that bulked up in the 90's by buying libraries of defunct companies,and who'd thunk that the lion behind 007 and the Pink Panther is in the midst of going out like a lamb?

Happy 22nd birthday to Shizuka Hasegawa...

Speaking of seiyuu and dubbing of non-Japanese films,I wonder if Kappei has had any fukikae roles besides what's listed in Wikipedia(any language),but somehow I'm scared at the same time,lapi...
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