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I could have fit in a post between now and the last post,but anyway...

I managed to join the the Retail Watchers message board,and fittingly my first post there was a reply to the active thread concerning my employer's potentially uncertain future.In any case,it's still fresh air compared to a certain other board...

FIFA's proposal to eliminate ties from future World Cup play has me scratching my head in more ways than one.Even when berths in the knockout round this time around came down to aggregate goal-differential(or goals scored)tiebreakers,am I the only one dreading the possibility of a golden own goal in a high-stakes elimination game?

I've seen the current Wendy's commercials during the SNF on NBC broadcasts,but I never knew that a English anime dub specialist was the voice behind those ads.Additionally,one member of the Ranma nibunnoichi English dub cast has also served as the promo voice of a number of TV stations...

Happy 33rd birthday to Saeko Chiba...
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