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It's official:The Rite Aid board at Y!Finance is controlled by goons...

I've been taking a more active 'enforcer' role in speaking my mind and telling the RAD-bashers to 'knock it off' at an poorly moderated board where more malicious things than honest things are said about my employer;yet I was recently called 'dumber than a box of rocks' for chiding the clueless cretins who claim that Rite Aid is getting ready to go bankrupt,and most of those bashers have neither held stock or even worked behind a Rite Aid counter.Good grief!

Anyway,the Spanish-subbed Futari wa Purikyua Splash Star still beats the complexities of trying to convert those wretched matroskas to XviD,lapi.While there are usage(catchphrases capitalized contrary to stricter capitalization rules in Spanish)and spelling(words that require accents are missing them)errors galore,the subbers do use the DVD raws(instead of the TV ones)so that episodes 25 through 27 re-use the credits from the first episodes which is a blessing in disguise so it omits certain voice credits for those who debut in later episodes(i.e.,episode 14),lapi...

Having accidentally encountered this old entry in j1m0ne's old blog,what a relief it is that swimsuit pics of josei_seiyuu are actually relatively rare,lapi.Additionally,I really don't think it was necessary for the seiyuu glossary post in that same blog to bring up kyonyuu seiyuu,lapi...

Happy 35th birthday to Erino Hazuki...
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