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Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬)

Google Finance versus Yahoo!Finance

Hoping for greener pastures in terms of online discussion of my company,I had the urge to check out Google Finance;and while it wasn't as flashy as Y!Finance,there were a couple of advantages just on the Rite Aid page alone:First,their message board was relatively quiet and lacked the garbage posts(baseless bashing not only of my company but also the Prez and other liberals that get less respect than Rodney Dangerfield)plaguing Y!Finance's Rite Aid message board.Second,the main Rite Aid page on Google Finance even includes blog search results pertaining to to company,and it even turned up this very blog you're reading(which naturally defends the company that has a`'RAD' stock symbol in good times or bad).Then again,very few people find this blog via my Yahoo! profile or my small and slowly growing Flickr photo collection,so it's actually better and safer for me to defend Rite Aid here than on message boards anyway...

Slowly but surely,Allmusic is updating and expanding the number of J-pop titles and artists in its database.Though the track info on some is inadequate and/or incorrect,WMP allows me to enter correct info on some of them.This enabled me to re-rip certain Makkun and Megumi Hayashibara albums and then re-synch them to my ZEN's(after deleting the old info)a few days ago.BTW,Kappei finally has a listing though the only credit to date listed is a One Piece soundtrack...

For the most part,this World Cup has been topsy turvy.The high amount of upsets and ties could mean that most teams won't punch tickets to the Round of 16 until the third(and final)game of round-robin group play,and that may come down to tiebreakers(head-to-head and/or goal differential).Not to mention that controversial referee calls(not just red cards handed unnecessarily)could make the difference between favored teams(i.e.,Germany)making the Round of 16 or going three and out...

I'd be a lot less scared about my Habs' 2010-2011 season prospects had they traded Carey Price instead of Jaroslav Halak...

Happy birthday to both Yumi Kakazu(who either turns 37 or 38 depending on source)and Yumiko Kobayashi(who turns 31)...
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