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Change is in order,at least in one sense...

The routine(ranging from once weekly to once monthly)trip I made to Oto's today was likely the last one that involves the current transit schedules.With the likelyhood of a beefier-than-it-has-been work schedule next week(since a recent new hire hasn't really worked out),I'll definitely have to learn and memorize the revised transit schedules that take effect in just over a week when I make subsequent trips the only J-supermarket in the 916.BTW,skipping into the Rite Aid next door for a quick purchase,I stood in line behind someone who declined to sign up for a wellness+ card when the clerk asked if he had one.While I said nothing,I felt sorry for the fellow 'corporate colleague' who has rung me up a few time whenever I shop at that location,and I thought only my store had numerous rejections whenever trying to sign up new wellness+ members(and that's despite my store being at the top of the district in signups).If only the clueless Rite Aid-bashing creeps at the Rite Aid message board at Y!Finance could ever learn to cut my longtime employer some slack...

If the tragic Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster were ever to have a positive consequence,it would be that Big Oil's ability to influence domestic politics would be severely undermined.Not to mention that I vote from donkeys which are less likely to have ties to Big Oil than elephants...

To the relief of Habs Nation,it's the Windy City...and not the City of Brotherly Love...that's Flyered up about a Stanley Cup title-less drought.Congrats to Patrick Kane,Antti Niemi,Jonathan Taves Toews and company for the Blackhawks' first Cup since 1961...

Happy birthday to Yuriko Hishimi(who turns 63),Nobutoshi Hayashi Kanna(who turns 42,and Takako Matsu(who turns 33);though the first and last are mainstream actresses who have had few seiyuu roles...
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