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While there's still under an hour...

Kappei-sama,happy 45th;and while three other seiyuu also celebrate birthdays today(Shouzou Iizuka turns 77,Youko Asada turns 41,and Junko Okada turns 37),you'll be making your third North American con appearance next weekend(Animazement 2010)while the other three have zero such appearances so far...

BTW,even in the latest One Piece cast pics in your blog,Mayumi Tanaka still almost looks like a youngster...

Now that I've finally found that second Staff of Salvation,it would be the perfect time to chance it with that hidden Dragon Quest V boss...

Once again,my Habs face an uphill climb from a 3-1 series deficit.Now if they only start scoring goals away from the Bell Centre...
Tags: anime, dragon quest, nhl, one piece, seiyuu

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