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Nihonjin kanojo boshu-chu...NOT!!!!
100% true statement...0% denial statement
11th-May-2010 10:55 pm
matcha kitkat
As you can tell,I've finally layed Nadiria's 'Grandmaster' to rest in Dragon Quest V,but preparations leading up to the showdown(right from when I started my quest)weren't easy compared top the prior installment(though Psaro turned out to be a more trying battle royale).Thanks to a 'Knightmare-ish' stretch during much of the third chapter,I didn't feel safe about facing Grandmaster Nimzo until I leveled up Bianca enough to the point that her max HP was in a comfort zone(around 270).By the time I faced Nimzo,my hero was all the way at level 60 and one of my backup monster recruits(that can revive fallen comrades)was already maxed out level wise.I maybe had to revive characters once or twice during the whole battle.Now,the hidden boss may be a different story...

With my Habs in the midst of a cinderella playoff run,I've had the urge to pull out my Montreal street atlas and read it.The longer it goes the better,not to mention that the city is rumored to be landing an MLS expansion team.Too bad the Expos are now the Washington Traitors...

Thank goodness for Retro Junk.Not only do they have retro commercials(not only more bunny battery ones but I've also found a Rite Aid one from about the time they bought Thrifty PayLess here out west),but the Real Video .flv's can be converted easily(into ZEN-friendly XviD)via WM Converter unlike most YouTube recordings...

Happy 60th birthday to Saburou Yokoh...
12th-May-2010 02:25 pm (UTC)
I think I'm not TOO far from Nimzo in DQ5, but I haven't gotten Bianca back yet. I'm fighting my way through that monument that the slaves built. If I do win anytime soon, I don't know that I'll even attempt the hidden bosses until some time later. I gave up on the post-game quest in Final Fantasy II pretty early on.
19th-May-2010 06:42 am (UTC)
Speaking of the Crocodopolis,that gave me trouble the first time:Making my way to King Korol after beating Queen Ferz,a group that included 2 soulspawns ambushed(and wiped out)my party with a preemptive combination of the war drum and a 'fizzle' haze that compromised my ability to heal and/or (ka-)zing characters,and you don't have access to wagon chatracters until Korol.I would have cleared the Crocodopolis on the first attempt if it wasn't for that soulspawn ambush,there was thankfully no such repeat in 'take deux...'

If I can just find find that second Staff of Salvation(to give to a member of the second-string battle formation,Bianca has the first from the Diggery Pokery)in the Nadiria TnT board's treasure troves,then I'll feel safer about facing Estark...

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