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Spooky parallels between the sad state of local transit and the shaky state of my employer?!

Through all the uncertainty on how RT was going to solve its fiscal crisis,my company has been facing its own problems:On top of being hobbled for over a decade after new management having to restate earnings because of prior management cooking the books,they've reported a loss in every quarter the past few years following a troublesome acquisition.After closing hundreds of stores the past couple of years,the store count stands at just below 4780.Though there's only a one in sixty chance of any RAD location closing during the barely begun fiscal year,my store's volume is near the bottom within its district even though it's busy over half the time(despite low staffing levels at times).Not to mention it's just a mile from a busier location.While I hope my store doesn't fall into that one sixtieth,my store might be at a heightened risk because it's in a suburban area as opposed to a central core(in downtown/midtown/east Sacro from the Sac river to Sacramento State there are 7 locations,none more than two miles from one another).Not to mention that I've been having problems with trolls and bashers on this company-specific message board...

BTW,while I work tomorrow,it's nice to see that there are brave and brazen Tea Party crashers that will be out in force tomorrow.Sorry,Sarah;but while America will eventually see its first woman President someday,you're not Presidential material.Nobody likes taxation,but in reality the anti-tax movement is a front for corporate America(including Big Oil and Big Tobacco),not our working class...

Well,Kappei-sama has been announced as the fifth seiyuu guest at Animazement 2010 even though it's unlikely I'll even make it cross-country to Raleigh.While Noriko Hidaka is among the three josei_seiyuu guests(the other two are Keiko Han and Chika Sakamoto),I must note(and have previously)that the characters she and Kappei voiced in The Hakkenden were siblings.While it's unlikely they'll invite any additional Japanese seiyuu guests,they have had as many as seven seiyuu guests in prior editions.If they do invite at least one more seiyuu guest,hopefully it won't be a certain two-time Anime Overdose guest(for obvious reasons);while it would be very interesting and sweet if somehow they bring Hiromi Tsuru onboard(even though I'm not sure if she's been to a North American con)...

Happy 46th birthday to Takumi Yamazaki...

EDIT:For some reason,the datestamp doesn't reflect the day I typed this up(actually during the 11 PM hour of the 14th)...
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