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Improved,but not yet perfected...

While there have been enhancements to LJ mobile,it's still in beta mode in a number of ways:For example,posts can't be edited in mobile mode,only standard mode.Thus I was only now able to fix the bad syntax in the last post when I was trying to link to carfree.BTW,while the new recommendation places the big hit on weekday service cannibalization and keeps the strongest weekend routes intact,the concept of service being done by 10 PM(even on weekday evenings)doesn't do riders any good.For me,tolerance with already-transit-deficient suburbs just isn't going to cut it for much longer...

Anyway,my copy of the second edition of The Anime Encyclopedia came yesterday;and aside from the titles that premiered during the 2001-2005 being added(this is a 2006 edition),there are now encyclopedic entries for terminology as well as prominent companies and personnel figures(though no seiyuu,that term is a terminological entry)...

BTW,the French subtitling in episodes 7-10 of Gokinjo Monogatari aren't completely rocket science.Trying to convert a matroska to XviD is more rocket science like...

Happy 35th birthday to Yuu Asakawa who was once Mrs. Shoutarou Morikubo...
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