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Vancouver 2010

Given the rotten luck of Japanese Winter Olympians since Nagano,my hopes of their success are relatively of low expectations.In Torino,it was Shizuka Arakawa that saved them from being shut out of the medal count completely.The good news is that it would take exceptionally rotten luck for the Japanese contingent to be toally shut out in Vancouver,and I'll be sure to congratulate every Japanese medalist when convenient.Not to mention the JOC is doping-free...

BTW,I actually missed the opening ceremonies and thus have not seen the luge accident...

Revisiting Da Capo II,I really wonder how it would have been if that nosey Suginami(rather than Yoshiyuki)awakened Amakase.At least Yoshiyuki-kun and Koko-chan would have been spared a lot less interference...

Happy birthday to Seizou Katou(who turns 83),Kouhei Kowada(who turns 42),and Masatomo Nakazawa(who turns 27)...
Tags: anime, current events, j-sports, olympics, seiyuu

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