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I was scared when they were both 13-0 with 3 games left in the regular season...

Yet,both participating teams in yesterdays's Super Bowl both finally got into the loss column before the postseason began,thank goodness.After Spygate,I'm not yet ready to see 2 18-0 teams go head to head in the Super Bowl,let alone 1...

Well,Dragon Quest V got off to a rough for yours truly,and I've already hit another mental roadblock in that game early on.Not to mention that there are more brick walls waiting for me once I get past the current rough patch in that game...

Happy birthday to Akira Kume(who turns 86),Tokuyoshi Kawashima(who turns 37),Shouta Kibe(who turns 29),and Yukari Kokubun(who turns 27).On the subject of seiyuu,most seiyuu management offices are good(not just the one Kappei founded).The only bad one is Re-Max,but that's not Urara Takano's fault since its founder is a decent old-school josei_seiyuu.Additionally,Sigma Seven isn't nearly as bad as it once was...
Tags: amefuto, dragon quest, nintendo ds, seiyuu

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