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Nihonjin kanojo boshu-chu...NOT!!!!
100% true statement...0% denial statement
Japan and 'puro amefuto',part 1 
22nd-Nov-2009 09:20 pm
matcha kitkat
I only found the name by accident while reading through the weekly NFL injury status reports recently,and I actually thought that Haruki Nakamura was actually born in Japan.While there has yet to be a Japanese-born player to play in a regular season NFL game,Masafumi Kawaguchi and Noriaki Kinoshita have both participated in NFL training camps and preseason games...

Someday,I'll get into Eyeshield 21...

Happy birthday to Bon Ishihara(who turns 54),Keiko Aizawa(who turns 46),Junko Minagawa(who according the most reliable English sources turns 34),and Mitsutaka Itakura(who turns 33)...
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