Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬) (ranma9037) wrote,
Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬)

Thought they stopped carrying it,but...

Somehow,I found the latest Newtype at Oto's video for the first time in a long time(at least a year).Turns out according to one of the video shop clerks,a young lady who actually reads the Japanese Newtype has been always beating me to the punch though she has been too bogged down academically to make it there in recent months.As for the contents of this particular issue,there is a brief section of the new Uchuu Senkan Yamato movie(featuring the voice talents of Kappei-sama and others).Additionally,I've noticed that both seiyuu feature secions("Voice Actor/Actress Spotlight" and Megumi Hayashibara's "Speaking in Character")have been discontinued,while The Official Art Of... has been renamed Creation Archive.As for ongoing series,Before Green Gables is obviously one of the few anime series that would be safer in the hands of Not-4-Kids-or-Adults Entertainment owing to a suspect Japanese voice cast,lapi.They've wisely picked up the similarly-flawed Dinosaur King,so I can't see why they can't pick this up as well,lapi...

When at the main store,I noticed that they've started stocking some varieties of imported Japanese Kit-Kats.Also,I noticed that a certain cute looking clerk that has been there for a year and a half was actually still there(and rang me out).It had been months since I had seen her,and I feared that she was no longer there...

Happy birthday to Yuuko Sasaki(who turns 48),Eriko Nakamura,and Chiaki Ohsawa(the latter 2 whom both turn 28)...
Tags: anime, japanese snacks, newtype usa, rl, seiyuu
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