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Now I just need 8 more volumes to be fully caught up stateside...

Thanks to a special e-mailing and other in-store offers from Borders,I can catch up all the way to volume 17 of HunterxHunter.So far,25 volumes are available stateside,and 26 is due after the first of next year.Other places such as Barnes and Noble(particularly the one near work)and World's Best Comics seem to only carry newer volumes,but I'm now caught up enough that it's now less of a hazard...

Well,Kappei's small seiyuu management firm now has a fourth seiyuu,but it would be great if his self-founded-and-managed production attracts some josei_seiyuu...

BTW,the clerk who rang me out at the drugstore formerly known as Longs Drugs the other day snuck an Extra Care card and app in my bag.Thankfully he was clueless to who I work for.Hopefully,there are more Walgreens employees who hold Extra Care cards than such card holders who work for Rite Aid.On the flip side,Extra Care is still better than shopping at Sprawl-Mart...

Happy 40th birthday to Yuriko Ishida.Turns out this mainstream actress has had some other anime voice roles besides Mononoke Hime though I've seen just 2 Ghibli movies(the other being Majo no takkyubin)total and have yet to get into Hokuto no ken(any version)...
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