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I would create a 'transit' tag,but there's no time for re-tagging relevant old posts at this time...

After switching buses,I boarded the second bus when there wasn't even 5 passengers(including myself).Good thing I was already on,because a few stops later(a light rail transfer hub),the bus got so overcrowded(not even enough room for standees)that several passengers waiting to board were turned away and were told to board the next trip(their wait wasn't very long because that trip ended up 10-15 minutes behind schedule).It was bad enough that the operator had to turn away oncoming passengers for several stops afterwards.I still made it to work with time for lunch beforehand,but I don't understand why over three-dozen ARC students just had to crowd onto the exact same bus at the exact same time,because that route runs every 20 minutes I know it's not the only route to serve it.Oh,I almost forgot that RT has been slowly skimping on adequate service over the years.That leg of the trip ended up being so long that I was able to watch 2 episodes of Futari wa Purikyua Splash Star before arriving.Normally,that leg is only long enough for me to watch an episode of any given anime on any of my ZEN's...

Don't know if everyone reading this post has read the childrens literature staple,but Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs has been made into a film that is due out in theaters on Friday.Not only did I find out by accident on a recent visit to Barnes and Noble,but I had forgotten I had read this as a young lad...

Happy birthday to Choppi Miyu Matsuki(who turns 32)and Jun Miruno(who turns 28)...
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