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Hopefully,that restart prompt didn't get to impatient...

Infrequently but occasionally,installation of updates for McAfee Internet Security may necessitate a restart.The problem was that the restart prompt came up after the weekly Friday scan was started.I opted to let the scan finish,but the restart prompt shrunk and clicking the relevant icon on the lower right did nothing.I was able to do a simple restart with no problems,but that was relatively dumb time for that prompt to come up...

I can't believe I missed that Team Japan qualified for the 2010 World Cup months ago.Then again,at the time,things at work were in chaos because a coworker abandoned us at the wrong time...

Speaking of work,new automated scheduling software has taken away the flexibilty of store managers,and my store's manager was having fits with it herself the time my shift expired today.Hopefully,I'll know next week's once I phone the store tomorrow(an off day)...

For its redesign,the PS3 changed its script logo to match that of its predecessor.Previously,its script logo matched that of the current series of Spiderman movies.I've seen just the second on UMD that came with my PSP when I first got it...

Happy birthday to both Mayo Suzukaze(who turns 49)and Maria Yamamoto(who turns 28)...
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