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MST of a new build "CV Boots" drugstore:The good,the bad,the ugly,and the uglier

  • The good:What they did do right was place the food and beverages closer to the checkout,and the clerk never asked if I had the infamous Extra Care card even as I conveniently avoided the sale priced stuff...
  • The bad:Low shelving and a carpeted sales floor doesn't go well in a drugstore...
  • The ugly:This was a side trip after my intended stop(picking up 2 more volumes of HunterxHunter at Borders)more than anything...

  • The uglier:All this happened as I errantly left my X-tc charging at home,something I didn't catch until I first boarded a bus.Yet,I still made it home safely...

Happy 40th birthday to Mariko Kouda...
Tags: cell phones, manga, rl, seiyuu

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