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Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬)

On the fence whether to go again tomorrow...

While it's a bold move moving it from an ancient event/meeting hall(likely old enough to predate fire codes requiring sprinklers)to a modern luxury hotel(the Sacramento Radisson),the Sac-Anime organizing committee could do quite a bit better in terms of handling large crowds:Walking less than a mile from light rail to the venue was nothing.Once I got there,I stood in line for at least 45 minutes after the opening and even then,just about every corridor(all hallways plus the vendors room)was always crowded and barely walkable.Just about the only enclosed are that wasn't crowded was the anime viewing room which I entered just in time to catch the first 2 episodes of Saki(no,not that Saki)and I still can't figure out true mah jong.The anime viewing room has primarily depended of fansubs lately though they have screened region 1 DVD's in the past.Anyway,this year's vendor room was a relative rip-off:Aside from prices inflated even in comparison to prior editions,many booths with desirable genuine import items didn't take plastic for one reason or another;and I'm not the one that would risk a foreigh ATM double surcharge just for desperate cash,as it's simpler to make a debit purchase at a larger mainstream retailer and request cash back(only one with walking distance was Costco and I've never had a membership there and currently am unlikely to unless maybe if I live alone).With the limited cash on hand,I still left with some decent goods:a a $13 mini plush Slime(my priciest find),a $2 KO Seiki Beast keychain,and three Mahou Kishi Rayearth sticker sheets at a buck a pop.If that particular booth took plastic,I could have scored a lot more MKR goods.At least the lunch buffet at one of the on-premises eateries was worth it.The parting shot(unless I do return tomorrow,I paid for two-day admission which was just a few dollars more than Saturday-only just in case):While the move to a hotel can't be totally brushed off as a failure,they could use this learning experience to work out the kinks and plan smarter for the next edition in January...

So rushed last night that I put the intended tags on the wrong line(mood)...

Happy 41st bithday to Teruaki Ogawa...
Tags: anime, dragon quest, lj, mahou kishi rayearth, rl, seiyuu
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