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Nihonjin kanojo boshu-chu...NOT!!!!
100% true statement...0% denial statement
Safer to talk about it here than on Y!Finance,but anyway... 
23rd-Jun-2009 09:56 pm
yuki sohma the rat from furuba
Good thing I had Sunday off,because overnight Saturday/early Sunday,I had a horrendous work-related dream:I was at the store(typical 1990's interior scheme),but I was stocking store-brand products from the same Crude,Vile,and Sick Rite Aid copycat out of New England that is ruining a decades-old NorCal institution(in fact,the Longs employees now wear CVS's dark blue polos with red trim instead of green vests they used to wear).As recently as 12 years ago,they were nothing more than an East Coast regional.If I brought this up on the Y!Finance message board,those trolls would be having a field day.Let's just hope for good news from RAD in the quarterly earning department:we never want to see the California chain drugstore scene get reduced to a duopoly between CVS and WAG.Just because I enjoy stalking cvshell,it doesn't mean I ever want to be on the same boat as those unfortunate involuntary servants there...

Speaking of work,hopefully it won't have come to daily/monthly passes to get there come September.On the flip side however,if I somehow end up living alone after that date,a monthly pass would more than pay for itself...

Happy 20th birthday to Ayuna Taketatsu...
24th-Jun-2009 06:02 am (UTC)
Before the merge/buyout with Eckard, there weren't many Rite-Aids in Georgia. A few, but not many. We had one back in the early 90's (I remember it because they actually had Nintendo and GameBoy game rentals; the later being almost unheard of anywhere) that was shut down after some employee embezzled a buttload.

Having said that, once Revco was bought out by CVS, they all went down the shitter. Everyone I know either goes to the post-merged Rite-Aids, Sam's Club (where I go for perscriptions) or Walgreen's. CVS is fucking awful. There was one where the husband of an ex-friend of my fiance worked as a pharmacy tech, and illegally looked up his sister's medications on record. Another CVS had a tech say to my fiance when she was picking up a medication, "Boy, you sure do take a lot of pills!" (She's bipolar, of course she does, that's like me asking Michael J. Fox if he wants to play Jinga). Oh yeah, we could make a drinking game over how shitty CVS' service is.

tl;dr we hate CVS down here, too.
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