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Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬)

Too worn out to post the past 2 weeks until now.Anyway...

Though Futari wa Purikyua Splash Star episode 24 has surfaced on some video hosting sites(YouTube included),WM Converter unfortunately hasn't always been able to convert some newer Real Player recordings of .flv's.However,though not listed at Tokyo Toshokan,an XviD version of the episode has surfaced at here,thank goodness owing to WM Converter's imperfect conversions of those stupid .mkv's(i.e.,it loses the subtitles)...

Browsing the seiyuu fan blogs,I stumbled into this.Based on the the info in the listing(despite possible reliability issues),Kappei-sama thankfully can't be married to and/or have fathered children by either of 2 josei_seiyuu that he voiced characters with in certain animated works of Rumiko Takahashi or Satoshi Urushihara.Though it's known that he definitely has fathered at least a son,it's unlikely that the biological mother was born after 1970(seiyuu or not).I could be wrong,but the chances of that are lower than the thankfully non-existant chances of my store stocking gift cards for CVS/pharmacy and/or Walgreens,though some trolls on the Y!Finance boards fantasize about it...

Happy birthday to Hiroe Oka(who turns 38),Kouzou Mito(who turns 30),Ai Nonaka(who turns 28),and Mamoru Miyano(who turns 26)...
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