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Recently,the Longs Drugs near my work had its register/POS systems converted to those of its new parent chain.Buying one of the last packs of Longs brand AA batteries left on the shelf yesterday,the cashier tried to get me to sign up for an Extra Care card(I passed).Additionally,on the way home from Borders today(where I scored a copy of Ouran High School Host Club volume 3),I stopped by another Longs(between buses)to grab a few things that Rite Aid doesn't sell;and they tried to lure me into that card,but I was truthfully in a hurry.Having been on this site,I'm a bit wary about the Extra Care program.I have a Safeway Club card,but they're more careful about protecting personal information.After today,it's unlikely I'll even want to step into an actual CVS anytime soon.When I did access my CU account online for routine checkbook balancing,I couldn't bring myself to write "CVS" for the debit transaction(for today's purchase)and opted to put Longs Drugs instead.Though they still wear Longs Drugs uniforms to work,I can never allow myself to find out what CVS uniforms look like.I grew up with Longs,and it'll be missed.Even my employer didn't ruin Thrifty Drug and Payless Drug when buying them out over a decade ago...*is thankful that Rite Aid's stock is on the rebound*

Lost in all this,Walgreens is unfortunately the only national drugstore chain with a mobile version of their .com...

With swine flu having reached Japan and some Japanese guests cancelling American con appearances due to quarantine hazards,at least Sakura-Con 2009 was already held beforehand...

Happy 29th birthday to Eri Nakao...
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