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Interesting thoughts on chain drugstores operating in Baltimore and Seattle...

It just happens that Kappei-sama's North American con appearances(Otakon 2008 and Sakura Con 2009)have been in markets where Rite Aid has a market share-leading presence.Walgreens only entered the Pacific Northwest and greater Baltimore with the past decade.Additionally,the same CVS/pharmacy that has bought out Longs Drugs has a fairly strong presence in Baltimore,but thankfully has yet to enter the Pacific Northwest which Longs actually pulled out of years ago.Finally,the Puget Sound still has an independent regional player.Of course,who knows if seiyuu being hosted by North American cons actually shop at our drugstores or supermarkets;but it would be interesting if Kappei had to make a shopping trip or two while on this side of the Pacific(hopefully at Rite Aid and not its competitors,I actually have to sympathize with the members of cvshell)...

Speaking of Kappei-sama,though I'm waiting for the region 1 DVD release(which hopefully will include a Japanese audio track),Dragonball Evolution debuted in a measly eighth place despite not being screened in advance to critics...

Onto other seiyuu,happy birthday to Kenji Hamada(who turns 37)and Kiyomi Asai(who turns 35)...
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