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Sounds strange,but I sometimes ring up some of their employees...

On the way back home from Borders,I made stops at two different Longs locations(one near Borders,the other between buses),grabbing a Longs-brand product or two before they disappear from shelves forever.My store happens to be a short walk from yet another Longs;and though I only thought of it recently,it would be interesting to see if any Longs-employed LJ'ers end up joining cvshell or retail_punks,lapi...

If it's really too late for Sakura-Con 2009 to invite a second seiyuu guest,it might be a blessing in disguise for Kappei-sama's sake considering they had 2 seiyuu simutaneously(Kaori Nazuka and Sumi Shimamoto)in one year,lapi...

Judging from the rather ecchi contributions on the one fanart site that I know of,what a relief it is that no named characters ever are in bathing suits in the only beach episode of Futari wa Purikyua Splash Star,lapi... *still cringes over some of those infamous "Mai Day!Mai Day!Mai Day!" posts in precure*

Speaking of the Precurean universe,happy 23rd birthday to Nozomi Yuuko Sanpei...
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