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It could have easily happened...

As they both sang alongside and composed songs sung by Megumi Hayashibara(and all three simultanously recorded for the same record label at one point),has anyone wondered what it would be like if Masami Okui and Ritsuko Okazaki either sang a duet together or collaborated in some form when the latter was still around?I know the latter wasn't known for heavier music,but Makkun has recorded her fair share of soft songs...

Am I the only one inclined not to root for either team tomorrow?Either way,it's a bad matchup for NorCal amefuto fans...

Hopefully,if I'm able to land that Archos 5 at Circuit City's liquidation,hopefully it'll be compatible with Windows XP which I still use...

Happy birthday to both Noboyuki Furuta(who turns 55)and Chieko Atarashi(who turns 41)...
Tags: amefuto, computing, j-pop, music, rl, seiyuu
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