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Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬)

LJ post 1000 already?

I never even noticed until I looked at my profile after posting last night that the just-posted entry was the 999th of my LJ.They recently revamped the profile pages,but I don't believe that stats were available in the prior version.Maybe I was missing something...

BTW,based on heavier crowds that the last time I attended on a Sunday,it's safe to say that Sac-Anime is pretty much recession-proof,maybe because it's a localized alternative to the Otakons,Animazements,and Anime Expos out there.Anyway,my finds included a couple of old-school gaming T-shirts(the flagpole at the end of SMB 1-1,a blue monster running for its life),HunterxHunter volumes 3 and 4,Madara volume 5,a DearS keychain(As it was a domestic item,I gotta get to watching the DVD's one of these days.),an "Anime:Crack is Cheaper" wristband,and the Love Hina CD playing now(though I've yet to seriously get into the anime and/or manga).This is an import version(KICA-533);but there was formerly a domestic version available before Geneon pulled out of domestic distributing,which is more than enough for it to be listed at Allmusic.Anyway,I've recently have had a hankering for anime character song compilations,especially those featuring characters voiced by josei_seiyuu.Additionally,this CD also includes 2 Megumi songs,one of which was sampled at seiyuu.At the booths that did offer Precurean merchandise,none of it was SS-centric.I think I bought it all out 2 years ago...

Happy 40th birthday(already!)to Momoko Hanasaki Hinoki Sai Nina Kyohko Hikami...
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