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Nihonjin kanojo boshu-chu...NOT!!!!
100% true statement...0% denial statement
Almost went today,but I have tomorrow off too... 
10th-Jan-2009 09:09 pm
matcha kitkat
...and since there seemed to be some long lines upon opening,obnoxious patrons,and other crowd control problems on Saturday when I attended two days of Sac Anime winter edition last year,I opted to go there tomorrow(to minimize over-splurging);and today I instead made yet another trip to Oto's as I was already again running low on certain provisions(that I bring to work for break and/or lunchtime).While there,I did manage to find a Futari wa Purikyua Splash Star mini-spoon...

Happy birthday to Nakuru Akizuki Ryouka Yuzuki(who turns 35),Suzuka Asahina Kanako Mitsuhashi a.k.a. Mrs. Kouji Yusa(who turns 31),and Hajime Tomoya Misato Fukuen(who turns 27)...
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