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No wonder the Coca-Cola script logo has been iconic for over 120 years...

First,twice between the two World Wars,whichever concern owned the Poopsi-Cola trademark went bankrupt.Now,they've introduced their umpteenth logo in their 110+ years.At least for the first time since the globe logo was introduced,it's far more easier to invert...

While making a emergency trip to Oto's(Sac Anime is next weekend),I got myself a solar-powered bobblehead of a maneki neko family...

The current CD playing right now is allowing me to replace a couple of sampled songs from past posts in seiyuu(a Megumi Hayashibara/Satomi Koorogi duet and a Kappei solo suite);and of the other songs(mostly from josei_seiyuu),while I haven't really heard any Takehito Koyasu songs(from any album or anime)previously,he sounded a little "vile" in both of his 2 character songs on this disc despite normally sounding very different from Kappei-sama,though he sounded a little more mellow in the second track.One song is from Kasumi Matsumura,who previously collaborated in a duet with the same Masami Okui(Mask,the Bakuretsu Hunter ED)who composed a few songs on this Saber Marionette J to X character song collection...

Speaking of seiyuu,happy birthday to both Mayumi Iizuka(who turns 32)and Satomi Akesaka(who turns 21)...
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