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Sac Anime isn't until next month,but...

Between buses on the way to work yesterday,I found Toshi Kubota's debut English album at a used music shop.Turns out he's dabbled with mainstream soul artists stateside for over a decade.Anyway,upon boarding the second bus,I noticed what appeared to be a cosplayer from an undetermined series(I wasn't certain what series it was,but it was a light blue school uniform with an "R" in a crest)sitting near the front.Though I sat towards the rear and never talked with him or her(the cosplayer appeared to be male,but I wasn't totally certain),the cosplayer ended up getting off only one stop before I did(at the end of the line)...

Time for a Futari wa Purikyua All-Stars movie edition of The Good,The Bad,and The Ugly:

  • The good:the film will also feature Frappi,Choppi,and the mascots from the original and Yes!Purikyua 5 universes,according to this trailer.
  • The bad:Unfortunately,Muupu and Fuupu are in it as well,despite the latter having a decent seiyuu...
  • The ugly:Just when Kappei-sama thought he was safe from another Plastic Little rerun...

Happy birthday to Ritsuo Sawa(who turns 73),Yumi Touma(who turns 42),Chisa Yokoyama(who turns 39),and Takuma Terashima(who turns 25)...

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