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Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬)

At least I'm actually moving further along with more free time...

The one flaw of My Japanese Coach is that when you move further along and start learning actual Japanese words and phrases using just kana,the order of the characters is sometimes mixed up when in "write" mode.Also in "write" mode,the DS touch screen is sometimes uncooperative...

Another thing:there are no such months as yongatsu,nanagatsu,or kyuugatsu;even though shi,shichi,and ku have fallen out of favor as the terms for 4,7,and 9 respectively...

Happy 36th birthday to Asuka Langley Souryu Ritsuko Inoue Hinagiku Ayane Matsui Yuuko Miyamura;and since it's already tomorrow(the 5th)in the Eastern Hemisphere,happy 28th birthday to Shizuka Itou who in addition to being the only josei_seiyuu with a birthday on the 5th of juunigatsu has also co-starred alongside Kappei-sama in two fairly recent anime:Da Capo II(both seasons) and Futari wa Purikyua Splash Star(where "Hitoshizuku" voiced a couple dissimilar minor characters in select episodes).Additionally,Yoshiro Matsumoto(birth year and age unknown)is the only other seiyuu that also celebrates a birthday today,lapi...
Tags: anime, japanese language, nintendo ds, seiyuu, shin seiki evangelion, splash star
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