Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬) (ranma9037) wrote,
Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬)

I first enrolled in late 2006...

...and it seems that My Coke Rewards must run on Energizer batteries.No complaints here,though...

At least I got my Christmas shopping done before Black Friday,and I didn't have to spend much this year because of last year when GiftCertificates.com failed to process/ship my order in time(it came the day after)and I had to resort to emergency contingency plans.On the current season,the lack of business plaguing every retailer around has played a role in the fact that I actually have a week off.On the flip side of that,at least that includes Thursday(the 4th)and Friday(the 5th);and I'm not going to spoil anything...

Happy 35th birthday to Miss Goldenweek Sota Higurashi Kayo Andou Akiko Nakagawa a.k.a. Mrs.Kaoru Wada...
Tags: anime, coca-cola, current events, kurisumasu, one piece, rl, seiyuu, splash star
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