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Some Megumi madness here...

I won both Megumi maxi-singles;and from a Buy It Now listing,I nailed a another maxi-single:her version of Alchemy Of Love(an English version by 2 non-Japanese singers whose names I don't remember off-hand was the ending theme of Tenchi Muyou in Love where Megumi voiced Achika Masaki).As with the other 2 maxi-singles,Alchemy of Love Megumi version was previously sampled at seiyuu...

Speaking of Megumi Hayashibara and other J-pop artists,when ripping CD's for uploading music for all the MP3 players I've had over the years,info for all the Japanese imports came from Japanese sources rather than the Anglosphere-centric All Music Guide that Windows Media Player normally uses(and in consequence,the album/track info were all in Japanese).However,I recently went to the AMG site,since I knew Masami Okui was listed since they had info for Neei.When looking up their info,they had additional Makkun album info for select albums(namely S-mode #2).When looking up Megumi,they had accurate info on her solo albums up to and including Iravati.The info for Fuwari omitted a track in the middle of the album.To correct it,I registered with the site.In addition to fixing the Fuwari omission,I submitted track info for 2 Chisa Yokoyama albums(Renai no Sainou and A-B-Chisa),Ritsuko Okazaki's For RITZ,and Makkun's Dragonfly from a few Anglophone web sources;as those albums were in the database but had very limited track info.Anyway,I've updated the info in my comp-stored WMP library;but as it doesn't fully update it to fully allow the cover artwork to upload to my ZEN's,I've been deleting the albums from the hard drive and re-ripping them with English info and tags.So far,I've done Megumi's first 4 StarChild albums(up to and including Shamrock)as well as S-mode #2;and I'll hopefully finish through Iravati tomorrow.Once AMG updates/corrects the info;I'll do Fuwari,For RITZ,Dragonfly,and the 2 Chisa albums as well...

Speaking of seiyuu,happy 39th birthday to Miki Yumeno Fumie Kusachi...
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