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Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬)

Not a true "hard" finish,but...

On the way back home from Oto's last week,I soft-finished Futari wa Purikyua Splash Star.While at Oto's,the even bought an SS plastic mini-bowl that was in the clearance cookware.Hopefully,the fansub project will go further along than where it's currently paused at...

I've placed the opening bid on yet another Megumi non-album mixi-single CD.Hopefully,I'll win it,as one track was previously offered for sampling at seiyuu.Speaking of music,I had been until recently aware of a glitch involving the PC software to use with my ZEN Vision W:Initially,it never synchronized the album artwork from any of my CD's.Then a few months ago,it started showing the album artwork from newer CD's I had acquired.To further complicate things,while deleting duplicate tracks(that appear on more than one CD),I accidentally deleted a track I didn't intend to;so I decided to re-upload that album onto the player from my Satellite.I then accidentally played a track from the re-uploaded album;and sure enough,it finally displayed the album cover.So lately I've been deleting albums from the player and re-uploading them on my spare time.Though still a work in progress,I've been making progress...

Happy birthday to both Masato Hirano(who turns 53)and Jin Yamanoi(who turns 46)...
Tags: computing, ebay, j-pop, lj, music, seiyuu, splash star
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