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Nihonjin kanojo boshu-chu...NOT!!!!
100% true statement...0% denial statement
When I start following a new manga anthology, it helps to catch up... 
16th-Oct-2008 09:38 pm
matcha kitkat
I've nabbed the June and July issues of LaLa 2008 from Buy It Now listings by the same seller,since both issues directly precede the first issue I obtained when Oto's began carrying that title. In fact,that may enable me to catch the beginning of a newer series(which I don't remember the title to at the moment):the August 2008 issue,the first issue I obtained,has the second installment.Speaking of Oto's,I finally managed to find the barely-released My Japanese Coach(for the DS)at a GameStop on the way home from there earlier today.Another installment in the My Coach series,My Spanish Coach,has been available for the DS and is now available for PSP.I may get either or both versions on of these days:Though excelled in it in high school,that was over a dozen years ago and I'm very rusty in it,as my store has a sizable Hispanic clientele.As for anime I watched on the way and back,the only reason I tried out this fanservice-laden OVA from circa 1989 was because Kappei-sama was the male lead(yes,I sat in the far rear of the bus to avoid being seen).Additionally,in Futari wa Purikyua Splash Star I've gotten as far as episode 43(out of a possible 49)...

Happy birthday to both Nobuyo Ohyama(the original Doraemon title-character seiyuu,she turns 72)and Kouga Taiki Matsuno(who turns 41)...
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