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Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬)

Couldn't really savour much of it unlike prior Summer Olympiads,but...

Congratulations to the Japanese Olympic contingent for bringing home a total of 25 medals(9 gold,6 silver,and 10 bronze)from Beijing.The final Japanese medal was a bronze awarded to the mens 4x100m relay team of Naoki Tsukahara,Shingo Suetsugu,Shinji Takahara,and Nobuharu Asahara.Owing to historical contexts,I didn't realistically think that Japan had a serious chance of thaking home from Beijing as many medals as they did in Athens 4 years ago.Maybe 4 years from now in London they'll have a better chance of corralling at least 30 medals.Not to mention that Tokyo is vying for the 2016 games and his a decent chance at challenging Rio...

Well,I've placed the opening bid on a toy Fairy Carafe(as featured in Futari wa Purikyua Splash Star).Speaking of SS,the fansubbing project has resumed with episodes 18-20(concluding the Dorodoron story arc).However,as mysteryperson_x is currently experimenting with those troublesome .mkv's,I'll stick with "da rawz"(from 18 onward,all in ZEN-friendly .avi format)at least for the time being(even though the raw episodes are generally larger file-sized than the first 17 fansubbed episodes)...

Happy 31st birthday to Saga Bergmann Hakufu Masumi Asano,and since it's already tomorrow(the 26th)in the Eastern Hemisphere,happy 31st birthday to Saeko Chiba as well...
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