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Nihonjin kanojo boshu-chu...NOT!!!!
100% true statement...0% denial statement
Two dozen so far... 
21st-Aug-2008 10:39 pm
matcha kitkat
Four more medals have been awarded in the past few days.Congratulations to...

  • freestyle wrestler Tomohiro Matsunaga(silver in the mens 55 kg)
  • freestyle wrestler Kenichi Yumoto(broze in the mens 60 kg)
  • synchronized swimmers Saho Harada and Emiko Suzuki(bronze in the duet competition)
  • the womens' softball team(Yukiko Ueno,Naho Emoto,Hiroko Sakai,Mika Someya,Yukiyo Mine,Emi Inui,Sachiko Itou,Rie Sataou,Rei Nishiyama,Megu Hirose,Masumi Mishina,Motoko Fujimoto,Ayumi Karino,Satoko Mabuchi,and Eri Yamada)on their gold medal performance it this sport's final Olympics

In LaLa September 2008,2 one-shots accounted for the new stories...

Happy 26th birthday to Akane Omae...

On a transit note,the the RT board has backed off of the possibility of eliminating all weekend transit service.While the new worst case scenario still has light rail operating with the current service hours(4 AM-1 AM weekdays,5 AM-1 AM weekends),there is a possibility of bus service hours reduced to the 6 AM-8 PM schedule(even on the strongest routes),or at least reduce some underperforming bus service.While the need to move to the Bay Area is diminished,I still may have to consider moving to another part of town and/or transfer to another Rite Aid(the walking distance to my 2 nearest stores is rather excessive)...
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