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Nihonjin kanojo boshu-chu...NOT!!!!
100% true statement...0% denial statement
20 medals halfway through... 
17th-Aug-2008 09:35 pm
matcha kitkat
Nine more medals have been awarded to Japanese participants at the Beijing Games since last post.Congratulations to those latest Japanese medalists as follows:

  • the mens 4x100m medley relay team of Junichi Miyashita,Kousuke Kitajima(adding to 2 individual golds so far),Takurou Fujii,and Hisayoshi Satou on their bronze medal performance
  • cyclist Kiyofumi Nagai(bronze in men's keirin)
  • backstroke swimmer Reiko Nakamura(bronze in the womens 200m)
  • judoka Maki Tsukada(silver in the womens 78kg)
  • judoka Satoshi Ishii(gold in the mens 100kg)
  • freestyle wrestler Kyohko Hamaguchi(bronze in the womans 72 kg)
  • freestyle wrestler Kaori Icho(gold in the womens 63 kg)
  • freestyle wrestler Saori Yoshida(gold in the womens 55 kg)
  • Freestyle wrestler Chiharu Icho(silver in the womens 48 kg)

Judging from both a notification e-mail which informed me that I was made a community maintainer and the community profile,it appears that the founder of the sporadically-active megumi_island may be on LJ far less frequently than before if not vanish from it entirely.In any case,that community is in good hands at least.In fact,I may have accounted for most of the recent posts if any...

Speaking of josei_seiyuu,happy 49th birthday to Chika Sakamoto...
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