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Worked 6 straight days,so...

Before I forget,congrats to the following 2008 Japanese Olympic medalists:

  • judoka Masato Uchishiba(gold in the mens 66kg competition)
  • fencer Yuki Ota(silver in the mens individual foil)
  • judoka Ryouko Tani(bronze in the womens 48kg weight class),the first Japanese medal of the Beijing Games
  • judoka Misato Nakamura(bronze in the womens 52kg weight class)
  • judoka Ayumi Tanimoto(gold in the womens 63kg weight class)
  • judoka Masae Ueno(gold in the womens 70kg weight class)
  • the mens gymnastic team(silver in the team competition)consisting of Takahiro Kashima,Takuya Nakase,Makoto Okiguchi,Kouki Sakamoto,Hiroyuki Tomita,and Kouhei Uchimura(the latter who also scored the silver in the mens individual all around)
  • breaststroke swimmer Kousuke Kitajima(gold in both the mens 100m and 200m competitions,picking up where he left off in Athens)
  • swimmer Takeshi Matsuda(bronze in the mens 200m butterfly)

Well,since they were slow to sell,I recently grabbed the already OOP domestic releases by Kotoko and The Indigo at Suncoast,along with a Domo-kun baseball cap...

Happy 36th birthday to Pandy Takako Honda;and since it's already tomorrow(the 15th)in all time zones but a few,happy 25th birthday to the unrelated Youko Honda...
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