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It may not quite have to come to ditching Sac for the Bay after all...

I seriously had considered attending RT's public hearings this past Monday,but at the end the risk of it running too long(and possibly leaving me stranded because certain routes don't run late enough)was a turn-off.On the flip side,a rider/blogger who did attend due to being near a better route wisely noted that while fares will go up(a monthly pass will still cost less than gas and insurance per month),eradicating all transit service on nights and weekends is for all practical purposes systematically and logistically impossible on grounds of security and legality issues(they do operate an open-platform light rail system)...

Last Friday,I received two supplemental paychecks not subject to direct deposit(one for a flat bonus and another for a retroactive raise,both in connection with ratification of a new collective bargaining agreement retroactive to last year).The funny thing about it was that I went to the ATM the previous day...

Happy 51st birthday to Kenyuu Horiuchi...
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