Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬) (ranma9037) wrote,
Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬)

A birthday shouldn't be filled with uncertainty...

My 32nd birthday was rather decent(including a trip to Oto's);but when I checked my e-mail,I received a sobering message from the Ridership for the Masses mailing list:Not so much pending fare hikes,but certain service cut scenarios that could leave license-free transit-dependent Sacramentans(including myself)screwed on nights and/or weekends.Sunday bus service near my house is rather shoddy enough that I generally stay home that day when off(I only ride the bus that day when going to Sac-Anime due to short service hours on that day for the 2 daily routes with walking distance to my house,a third route that operates closest only runs weekdays and Saturday),and I generally get a ride when I do work that day of the week(my ride also takes me home when working evenings).However,I've used the bus on Saturday off days(usually to go to either Oto's or more commonly Borders).Call me a fool,but the idea of a Sacramento refugee in Frisco may not sound as scary:I'd rather not touch the idea of learning how to drive with a 10-foot pole,as there are many drivers out there that should have never been licensed in the first place.As long as daily light rail service is spared(at worst,half-hourly service all day with current extended service hours),I can at least stay in my home metro area...

Onto something less worrisome,since eBay and PayPal now hove mobile phone versions of their respective .com's,I've set up a mobile PIN that allows me to pay for eBay wins when away from the comp...

The parting shot of my 32nd birthday:I share a birthday with two pro greats(the home-run king regardless of the presence/absence of an asterisk and The Mailman,the latter whose daughter sadly suffered a raw deal in a WNBA brawl),South America's most famous revolutionary,and J-Lo(whom I actually neither love or hate)...
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