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Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬)

Over a year already?!

Believe it or not,it's already been just over a year since my first shopping trip to Oto's.The first anniversary was back on Sunday,but I was working that day.Today was the "first anniversary commemoration" trip;and though I've fallen too far behind on the raw manga,I did stop by their video shop anyway(where I grabbed the latest Newtype Japan as I'm not as worried about back issues as I would be with raw manga).Lately at their main market,I've been seeing a bit of anime-related collectibles(plus some live-action film ones too)packaged with candy or gum(from One Piece,the new Shin Seiki Evangelion movies,and other series)...

Well,despite reseeds,three raw Futari wa Purikyua Splash Star episodes haven't quite finished downloading:episode 48 isn't quite a third done,while 44 and 47 are at least 90% done but are moving at a snail's pace.Speaking of which,I'm considering deleting the non-SS video's(not counting most converted .flv's) from my capacity-challenged big Zen to focus mainly on Saki and Mai.The music on it will not be affected...

Happy birthday to both Eiko Yamada(who turns 54)and Takahiro Sakurai(who turns 34 and should have been the lone Japanese voice of Detective Loki)...
Tags: anime, computing, japanese cinema, japanese language, manga, music, newtype usa, one piece, rl, seiyuu, shin seiki evangelion, splash star
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