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More YouTube conversion fun...

Well,so far the only interesting Kappei live-action video on YouTube that I've converted for my Zens has been a promotional video of a Tales of Rebirth stage event that also features voice-castmates Nobuyuki Hiyama and Robin Sena Akeno Watanabe.That game,in fact,recently had a PSP release in Japan.Other videos I've converted have been some classic Energizer Bunny commercials and some vintage news promos(including one with Leslie Nielsen as a pitchman for the first satellite truck in Sacro TV news)...

By some fluke,at least a couple of raw Futari wa Purikyua Splash Star episodes could be reseeded after all...

Happy 36th birthday to Hikaru Amano Amitie Shiho Kikuchi...
Tags: anime, computing, kidou senkan nadeshiko, music, psp, puyo puyo fever, seiyuu, splash star, video games
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