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No raw SS episodes after the first 13 are seeded yet,but...

I've taken my chances with the respective raw first episodes of Da Capo II Second Season(episode 1 which appears to revolve around a Christmas party and begins with Yoshiyuki-kun having a possibly ecchi dream) and Neo Angelique Abyss(since I didn't recognize Kappei's character the first time though he was in the end credits,I had to check the official show site and watch episode 1 a second time,though it was a brief line of dialogue near the end of the episode).Though one fansubber has picked the latter up,I'm holding out for another group that does XviD,as neither of my Zens are matroska-friendly...

To make a long story short,I recently bid on the respective bilingual first manga volumes of Doraemon and Peach Girl listed by the same eBay seller,but I only won the latter.Just a couple of pages in,the main character is anything but peachy...

Speaking of eBay wins,the title of Ai Orikasa's I gave me the urge to google ai ai gasa which happens to be the title of the Neo Angelique Abyss ending theme...

Happy birthday to Michihiro Ikemizu(who turns 65),Shouko Kanoki(who turns 48),and Kazuya Ichijou(who turns 42)...
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