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Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬)

Not the one that has rung out most of my purchases shopping there,but...

While shopping at Oto's yesterday,I was in for a shock:While having my purchase rung up,I had assumed I had gone on a day in which most of the ladies were off(I had never gone there on a Monday before.).However,the checker(a guy)told me that one of the ladies that had rung me out a few times in the past had returned to Japan(I didn't ask why though).I didn't ask about the one who normally checks me out(a dozen times since I've been shopping there,I'm assuming "day off" in this situation);but still,what a shame.Anyway,Hana to Yume 843 debuts Julietta Suzuki's newest work,Kamisama Hajimemoshita.On the way back home,I happened upon a long-established Japanese gift shop.While they carry imported Japanese books,too bad they didn't carry manga...

A vintage 1957 Sacramento map recently won on eBay arrived quickly yesterday,and it's hard to believe that there was no Interstate Highway System yet(though U.S. Highways were more common than they are now).Addditionally,I nailed a couple packages of green tea swirl Kit Kats from a Buy It Now listing...

Happy 64th birthday to Masaru Tsukayama...
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