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Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬)

Oto's may no longer carry shounen manga phonebooks,but...

...at least Akadot gets their manga phonebooks in a few weeks later than Oto's does.As Akadot stocks a lot of copies of recent issues,I was able to obtain the second 2008 issue of Nakayoshi.That issue debuts Haruka Fukushima's AAA(Triple A)and concludes 2 other works(Michiyo Kikuta's Mamotte Lollipop and Pink Hanamori's Fiance ha Monster),something I otherwise would have missed during that 6-week period that I couldn't make it down to Oto's for one reason or another.As for issues obtained on my most recent trip there(last weekend),Nakayoshi 2008 issue 3 shifts the Purikyua manga to refect the newest ongoing series,while Hana_to_Yume 842 debuts Emura's newest work,Kyou mo Ashita mo...

Now that I think about it,I haven't watched a commercial region 1 anime release in at least 2 years.Prior to going into fansubs,the most-recent anime I watched consisted of the first 22 episodes of uncut region-free One Piece.Either my otaku-hood has evolved,or anime companies and distributors on both sides of the Pacific shot themselves in the foot long before fansubbing went digital...

Happy 28th birthday to Aya Endou...
Tags: anime, manga, one piece, seiyuu
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