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Saved from the Raijin graveyard...

This spring,TOKYOPOP will begin releasing domestic Mamotte Shugogetten graphic novels after rescuing the license by now-defunct Raijin Comics.I have the first 2 imported Japanese volumes(purchased at Borders Express when they still carried untranslated manga);and though I do have a copy of the one domestic Raijin volume,I can truly attempt to "translate" the imports(trying to read the Japanese and English volumes simultaneously)whenever I choose once the TOKYOPOP volumes start coming out.Though not in the anime version,Kappei-sama did voice someone in the drama CD's that came before the anime according to Japanese Wikipedia.If only the active North American manga publishers can rescue some titles from Studio Ironcat's graveyard...

Sounds strange,but my wireless phone can only receive text messages and can't send them...

Happy birthday to both Jamapii Miwa Matsumoto(who turns 36)and Haruna Ikezawa(who turns 32 and was born to a Japanese author while he was living in Greece)...
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