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Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬)

Trying to hold off buying the 60 GB ZEN Vision W for at least another paycheck...

Citing the fact that both the fansubber has switched to .mkv exclusively and that Utsumi Rai-sama still hasn't been introduced yet,I've dropped Dagwon and deleted the episodes from my ZEN Vision W to make room for fully-downloaded episodes of the more promising Gokinjo Monogatari as well as episodes of existing fansubbed series I'm following.Additionally,a few other series are on the bubble for various reasons:Space Symphony Maetel because only the first 5 episodes are in .avi format and Tochirou-sama doesn't appear to have that major of a role,Mama is a Fourth Grader because Hideo Hanada-sama appears in only one of the first 5 episodes,and Baccano! unless the only group subbing this is in .avi format continues beyond episode 2.As for the keepers,Noiseman Sound Insect is both surreal and bizarre at the same time,but I was still able to figure out what character Kappei voiced though only a few characters were referred to by name...

Is it just me,or are the "Book Sleuth" inventory-search kiosks inside Borders stores average at best?

Happy birthday to Masashi Hirose(who turns 60),Nobuo Tobita(who turns 48),Katsumi Toriumi(who turns 44),Miaka Yuuki Kae Araki(who turns 41,though Hitoshi Doi says 44),Fujiko Takimoto(who turns 40),and(speaking of Gokinjo Monogatari)Mikako Kouda Rumi Shishido(who turns 34).Boy this must be the most crowded seiyuu birthday of the year.At least Kappei fans will only need to remember one a month from yesterday...
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