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To make a long story short,the Space Symphony Maetel torrent finally finished;but episodes 6-13 were in a possibly non-convertible format supported only by Yahoo! Music Engine,not to mention that episodes 1-5(though in .avi format)appear to be widescreen and may require conversion before uploading to the ZEN Vision W.Fortunately,this might be better in the long run since that may free up space for future anime episodes(preferrably more Futari wa Purikyua Splash Star).In the meantime,I have decided to try out CB Chara Nagai Go World a 3-episode OVA series featuring SD-based parodies of various Go Nagai works.Though only 2 episodes have been fansubbed;the second episode co-stars Kappei-sama alongside Ikue Ohtani,Saeko Shimazu,and Megumi Hayashibara(the latter 2 Ranma ½ castmates of his)and is currently downloading at a faster pace than the first episode...

Happy 43rd birthday to Jadeite Takeo Takakura Masaya Onosaka.Also it turned out that Masako Jou's birthdate was on the the 12th rather than the 10th,gomen ^^;;; I may have mixed her up with Akemi Kanda(who was born on 11-12-1978)...
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