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Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬)

It barely started airing in Japan,too...

Already,Da Capo II has been fansubbed.Last night after arriving home from work,I noticed it already available at Animesuki,and I decided to give it a try.I only started the torrent after dinner,and it ultimately didn't even take an hour(maybe even less than 45 minutes)because the download speed got as high as 330+ KB/s and never slipped below 70 KB/s from then on...

Well,they never sent me last month's edition of Newtype_USA;and I may have to contact them if I don't receive this month's issue.OTOH,I did find the latest Japanese Newtype(whose Voice Actor/Actress feature is instead called Switched-on CV)at Oto's video shop today,as well as issue 833 of Hana to Yume(one-shots in this issue are Kakeru Sora's Marionette Theater and Mitsubachi Miyuki's Tonari no Akita-kun).Speaking of Oto's,I'd rather travel there and back home myself in a rainstorm than have my pride ruined by going there with family members though when I shop there I prefer to be rung up by either of two ladies with Japanese given names.Anyway,going there and back today,I watched(on my ZEN Vision W)episodes 12-14 of Futari wa Purikyua Splash Star which the video shop offers for rent but in raw form(only their Korean dramas/movies for rent have English subtitles).On the way home,I manage to stomach the first of 36 straight episodes in which Kappei-sama had to endure the toughest voice recording sessions of his career(something that didn't need to happen 13 years after a humiliating experience that wasn't his fault).What a relief Frappi-sama didn't have any dialogue with either of the Kiryuus in episode 14.As long as Kappei-sama's wife doesn't have a maiden surname containing the character ,all is well with the world.Speaking of SS,I somehow guessed the episode 11 ending(I watched it on the way to work yesterday)correctly not even halfway through the episode...

Happy 43rd birthday to Keiji Fujiwara...
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