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No lemon this time...

Well,despite an ultimately inconsequential software installation glitch,my ZEN Vision W is working out just fine;and I was still able to upload my personal music collection and several fansubbed Futari wa Purikyua Splash Star episodes onto it.It has a lot of bells and whistles,including a built in speaker.The battery is even removable and replaceable(though I don't plan to buy a spare battery just yet).Though it came with a protective pouch,I also bought myself a spare camera bag big enough to hold/conceal it while out in public.Additionally,I snagged a leather case(with beltclip)via an eBay Buy It Now listing;not to mention I activated one of the 2 Stuffbak.com stickers that came in the mail yesterday(and affixed it to the back of my device).So far,I'm undecided on what else to affix the second decal to...

Happy 46th birthday to Maria Tachibana Shao Li Urara Takano...
Tags: computing, ebay, music, noir, rl, sakura taisen, seiyuu, splash star
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