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Well if they're bowing out of a merchandise category,they sure did with a bang...

Well,Oto's video shop did have the latest Nakayoshi,as well as the latest Hana to Yume(the latter which is actually semi-monthly).However,the clerk(actually turned out to be the owner the 2 stores according to a clerk at the food store)informed me that they would discontinue selling magazines do to low movement and/or profit margins;and that imported personal care items(by companies such as Kao and Shiseido)would eventually move to the food store.The only reason that I didn't grab the back-to-back copies of Weekly Shonen Magazine as well was that they lacked new serializations(of series starting).If only Kinokuniya ever decides to open a branch in Sacro...

Anyway,the one known new story beginning serialization in the current Hana to Yume is Oresama Teacher by Izumi Tsubaki;but there were also a few stories that either were single-chapter one-shots(Melonpan no Koi by Ai Fujio as well as Hana to Akuma by Hisamu Oto)or irregularly serialized storylines not in the last issue(Karakuri Odette by Julietta Suzuki).As for Nakayoshi,the only storyline that appeared to be new was Delicacy Ganai by Haruhi Seta;though there was also the second chapter of Koko ni Iru yo! by Ema Toyama which began serialization last month.As for eBay,Hana to Yume back issue listings appear to be once in a blue moon;and while Nakayoshi back issue listings are common,most are a little ancient(i.e.,last millenium).If I only knew of any online retailers stocking current raw manga phonebooks regularly...

Happy 37th birthday to Maya Ibuki Sakura Kamome Sengakuji Wedy Miki Nagasawa...
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